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Create motion graphics like the pros do without professional skills or expensive software downloads.

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Create video in 3 easy steps

Everybody wants to create video, but up until now it has been too hard and expensive. RendrFX makes the process super easy.

1. Select a template

Design is hard. RendrFX makes it easy by offering video templates designed by motion graphic professionals.

2. Customize and create

Our editor takes you through the customization process step by step as you add your custom media.

3. Share!

The final HD video is optimized for the web so that you can easily download and share across your social channels.

Save time & money with RendrFX

Super affordable

Videos starting at just $14.99!

DIY video creation

Take direct control of your video

Hassle-free licensing

Commercial use licensing without out the headaches and gotchas.

Before I heard of RendrFX, I never considered using video marketing because I didn’t think I could afford it.

-Greg Rogers, Insurance Agent

Run a Facebook™ video ad campaign for under $100

It's getting harder and harder to engage & grab the attention of your customers. Facebook's™ video ads are quickly on the rise to become the most powerful way for you to get their attention.

A few ways to get started

Here are a few templates to help you get started as you are thinking about creating your next attention grabbing video for social.

Create A Photo Slideshow Video

Share event photos, product photos or even customer photos.



Create A Quick Brand Promo

Quickly promote your product, brand or service.



Create A Brand Logo Intro

Establish brand identity in your social videos with a logo animation.



Think outside of the box

Leverage 3D motion graphics to allow your team to think outside of the box.




Here are some common questions to help you out. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to support@rendrfx.com

Do I need a personal or commercial license?

In a nutshell, if the final video is being used by a business, brand or anything that has commercial intent (ie: monetization), then commercial

Otherwise, just go with personal.

Any questions? Dont hesitate to email us: support@rendrfx.com

Can I create personal and commercial videos from one account?

Yes! No need to create two accounts if you want to use RendrFX for both your business and commercial use. Just make sure you choose the correct license for each individual video you create.

Can I use the video more than once?

Yes! Once you purchase a license, the video can be used over and over. i.e. For commercial use, you can run the video in a TV ad, post it to your website, and use it in social media channels. No hassle!

How many Free videos do I get?

When you create an account, your first three Preview videos are free. After that, you will need to purchase Preview videos (which are deducted from your final video price). Once you purchase a Final Video, we'll reset your account and you can create another Free Preview.

What if I accidentally chose the wrong license?

Please stop using the video and contact support@rendrFX.com. We will advise you on how to proceed from there, likely sending you a charge for the difference.

Still have another question?

Contact support@rendrfx.com or use the chat icon and we'll answer you!

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