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10 Tips for Your First 10 Days with RendrFX

We heard you’re looking to create some amazing video using RendrFX. Awesome! You’ve created your account (if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here) and you’re ready to rock and roll, but now what? What’s the next step to creating amazing videos that are sure to convert to sales, followers, and all around awesomeness? Let’s take a look at how to get you on the path to video greatness. 

Create A Plan

Stop and think about it. Think about your goals and how video can help. What are your plans for using video and what type of message does your customer want to receive? Once you know what type of video you want to create (the message, the pictures and video you’ll need to make it happen,) go ahead and choose a few templates that match your vision and try them out. 

Get to Know the Storyboard Editor

Go ahead and get to know the RendrFX Storyboard Editor. This is where you’ll be adding your videos, images, graphics, content, and audio. If you’re worried about having enough content to upload, no worries - we’ve got over half a million royalty-free stock videos, images, and audio to help you out! Pick out a few templates and get to know our editor. 


Stock Media Galore!

With over half a million royalty-free stock videos, images, graphics, audio, and more, we’ve got you covered! While it’s great if every video you create is full of your own video and images of your amazing products, services, and uniqueness, you aren’t limited to content you’ve created. Add stock video, images, and audio to enhance your videos, or create videos solely using stock assets. The possibilities are endless! 


Go Create A Video! (or five!)

Sometimes the best way to learn is to jump in and try it out! The more videos you create, the more you’ll get to know the capabilities of RendFX and how we can help you succeed with video. 

Here’s a challenge: Pick five different video types (logo reveal, slideshow, text only, promotional, holiday’s, etc.). Using the same content, create a video and compare the end results. Which video best matched your message and goal?  

Show The World Your Video

You’ve created some great videos, now it’s time to share them and spread the word. Upload your awesome video(s) to Facebook®, YouTube®, Twitter®, your website, and other places you talk with customers. It’s time to share your new video skills and get their feedback (and sales!).  

Need some assistance uploading your videos? Check out our Tutorials to help get you started. 

How Can I Create Different Videos?

Need a little more assistance creating your videos or not sure how to create different types of video? Check out our Tutorials and learn how to create social media videos, app promos, explainers, logo reveals, slideshows, and how to make video from existing content. Diversifying the types of video you create will help keep your audience engaged and wanting more. 


Create Another Video! (or 100!)

Okay, so you’ve made a few videos and posted them for your customers to see. Time to step up your game! Create and share more videos to create more leads, make more sales, and grow your customer base. Don’t stop now! Keep going! 

Do you use PowerPoint?

Add some pizazz to your PowerPoint presentations and captivate your audience by adding video. Create intros with your logo, highlight statistics and services, showcase testimonials, and more! Want to get started? Learn how with our PowerPoint tutorials. 

How To Choose The Right Template

Your need to create video will vary based on your business and objectives. Are you promoting an upcoming sale? Fundraising for an event? Picking the right template is just as important as your message. Learn how to choose the right template. 

Get All The Knowledge: Training Videos

We’ve mentioned our training videos a few times, but we can’t stress enough how soaking up knowledge can help you create a better video. Training videos are your new best friend; they’re always there when you need them.  


How Can I Create A Custom Length Video?
With Variable Length Video (VLV) templates! VLV templates do not have the time constraints of our standard templates and the final length of your video is determined by the length of the video you uploaded to the VLV template. Learn more.



There you have it.
Follow these ten tips for getting to know RendrFX and go forth and create amazing, planned out videos that will appeal to your customer base. Congratulations on your graduation from RendrFX 101! 


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