RendrFX Mission

At RendrFX, we want to enable everyone to create motion graphics videos.  Our vision is for all businesses and consumers to create high-quality, stunning motion graphics videos without the need for expensive software or outsourcing talent.

RendrFX 101

RendrFX is a start up based in Erie, Pennsylvania.  We incorporated in July 2015, however inventor Mat Silva has been developing the underlying technology for years, and is thrilled to watch his metaphorical fourth baby start to crawl.

Mat Silva envisioned RendrFX during his stint in video production. He used to create video templates and sell them on stock sites, however he often had individual businesses reach out and ask him to customize the template with their content. Many hours of frustrating back-and-forth later, Mat said enough is enough and ventured out to create a faster, more affordable, and efficient platform for high quality video creation. And so RendrFX was born!

We are very excited to enable businesses to create videos with ease and affordability like never before, to help advertising and marketing agencies scale their clients' online video presence, and to create a new, fair community for motion graphics artists to sell their work. World, welcome to our vision! 

Investors: Read about our seed round funding.

Meet our team:

Mat Silva - Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

The heart and soul behind RendrFX, Mat Silva is a true maverick and jack of all trades. Mat created the RendrFX platform and built the technology from scratch in order to fill a void he recognized while working in video production. With over 8 years of experience as a full-stack software engineer, motion graphics designer, video production professional, and online advertising campaign manager, Mat is excited to have everything come together at RendrFX.

Jim Traut - Co-Founder, CEO

Jim is the strategic visionary and voice of reason for RendrFX. As a CPA, CGMA with 30 years of finance, accounting, strategy, risk, and control experience in global companies, Jim is excited to put those skills to the test founding and growing RendrFX. An avid techie and entrepreneur at heart, Jim loves to challenge the status quo and push boundaries. He is determined to help both businesses and artists expand their commercial reach and profitability by leveraging RendrFX.

Emelie Kerek - Motion Graphics Director

The in-house artist at RendrFX, Emelie helps us stay committed to our artist contributors and reminds us daily of just how difficult motion graphics design and animation actually is.  Emelie has created many of the designs you see on RendrFX, and helps our artist community create designs compatible with the platform.

David Cilley - Full Stack Software Engineer

David joins the RendrFX team with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Javascript, back-end data/file management, software systems, and all things UI. He strives every day to make the RendrFX customer experience as smooth as possible. An avid runner, David personally quadrupled the team's weekly miles run...not sure the rest of the team cumulatively will ever catch him.

Peter Schroeder - Digital Marketing and Sales Manager

Peter Schroeder came to the team as a Digital Marketing & Sales Guru. He converted from his traditional background in finance and jumped into the RendrFX team headfirst. Peter crushes social media, ensures customers success, and optimize anything and everything digital for RendrFX. As a self proclaimed book junkie, Peter makes it a priority to try to read a book a week to better himself personally or professionally!

Lisa Van Riper – Creative Director and Customer Engagement

With an extensive background in design, social media, UI/UX design, and all things Google, Lisa works to not only make sure customers understand messaging, but also makes sure it looks awesome too! With attention to detail, she makes sure users can get from Point A to Point B, including all the twisty social and email marketing turns along the way.

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