Combine your videos to create one glorious story.

Combining is powerful. Combining two or more things together creates an unforgettable story; like how peanut butter was lost without jelly. Bringing two important elements together is the beginning of storytelling. With Composer mini™, you can complete your story by adding some glorious branding to your video, or tell a story in five scenes.

How It Works

1. Select a Composer mini™ template

2. Upload your videos

3. Choose your audio (we have stock!)

That’s it! We do all the heavy lifting in the cloud to combine your videos and deliver you one single, glorious video. No editing skills needed.

The Composer mini™ Templates

The combinations you can create with the Composer mini ™ templates are endless. Create various branding combinations, bring numerous videos together to create one glorious video to delight your audience, show how to slay a dragon, eat a hoagie in 4 bites, and so much more.


2 Videos

Add branding to your video with a logo intro or outro.

Combine 2 Videos


3 Videos

A branding sandwich: add a logo intro or outro to a video.

Combine 3 Videos


4 Videos

Bring together 4 videos to create a magical experience.

Combine 4 Videos


5 Videos

The ultimate branding beast. Combine 5 videos. Wow!

Combine 5 Videos

See Composer mini™ In Action

Every video below was created using various RendrFX templates, combined using Composer mini™ templates.

2 Videos Combined

3 Videos Combined

4 Videos Combined

5 Videos Combined

3 Ways To Create With RendrFX

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