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How To Make A Facebook Cover Video To Transform Your Page Into A 24/7 Video Advertisement

Our customers just showed us some amazing things they are doing with their Facebook cover videos using RendrFX and taking advantage of the new video feature from Facebook for their businesses.

So what is this new video feature? Well instead of having a boring still image for your Facebook page’s cover photo, you can now have a video!

This is great news for every business that has a Facebook page! You can now have a video advertisement that plays 24/7 on the beefiest real estate on your Facebook page.

Example Customer Facebook Cover Video

RendrFX customers are creating AWESOME VIDEO for their Facebook cover videos. Check these out!

Out of the Grey Coffee

Go to page & watch the cover video (Desktop only)
Use this template to make your own!

Erie Ale Works

Go to page & watch the cover video (Desktop only)
Use this template to make your own!

It’s easy to create your own Facebook cover video

Our team believes that every business should have a RendrFX video on their Facebook cover because it helps you tell your story, drive traffic and increase sales.

Some important things I think you should know about this new Facebook video feature.

  • The video must be between 20s-90s long.
  • Facebook allows you to reposition the video to fit the appropriate cover dimensions.
  • The cover video only plays on desktop & is muted by default.

What to bring to this guide?

  • Company or organization name
  • Company address (web, email or snail mail)
  • Company info to display, like business days, hours, featured products/services
  • 5 photos showing your business (building or interior), products, and/or services
  • An audio track or an idea of what type of track you’d like when searching our stock audio
  • An idea how long the video should be. We recommend 30s so you can follow along with this guide. Plus we think it’s better because of the short attention span people have on Facebook.

Watch this video tutorial on how to create your own Facebook cover video!

Or head to and follow along below with this step by step guide.

1) Let’s get started! Search for ‘fazing’ and click on the 30s version of this template.

Oh yeah Kinda important… you must be logged in to follow along. So login or create an account if you haven’t already…

2) Click on ‘Start Creating My Video’

3) Give your video a name so you can find it later

4) Add your business name to the first scene

** Also change the color to match your brand’s color

Pro tip: You can change the hue/saturation/brightness using the color picker.

5) Add website or business address

6) Add a picture of your business and your business hours

Add your image in 3 easy steps

1) Click Select File
2) Pick & choose your file
3) Crop your picture

7) Add website or business address

8) Add business value proposition

This can be your product or service’s benefits, the product itself, the feeling it creates, etc. You can learn more about crafting your value proposition(s) here: How to craft a value proposition that makes people love you!

In this case I add a picture of Lattes and add “Gourmet Lattes” as the text.

9) Add additional business value proposition

Here I add a picture of fresh pastries and add “Fresh Pastries” as the text. Yum!

10) Add some more business value proposition

Now I add a picture of a cafe patron using her laptop and I also add “Blazing WIFI” for the text. Fast internet is a must have!

11) End with your business name and address

12) Add an audio track

While Facebook mutes the video by default, let’s add a music track and set the mood anyways. I want this to sound fun and relaxing, so I am going to go with a ukelele music track.

Add stock audio in 2 easy steps

1) Click audio blocks

2) Search for ‘ukulele’ and select

13) Click create video!

Now you can grab a coffee, tea or energy drink and relax for 3-4 minutes as your video renders. 

You could also work on another video, close the window and come back, but that’s up to you… we’ll email you when the video is done anyways.

Tip: I say 3-4 minutes above because I know the template I used takes approximately 3-4 minutes to render, while other templates could take up to 45 minutes.

14) Download your video

We are going to use this video to upload to your Facebook page.

15) Upload your video to Facebook and change your page cover

Head over to your Facebook page. Then change the cover photo to your video!

Pick the file you just downloaded 🙂

16) Reposition your cover video

After your video uploads, simply click and drag the visible image to reposition the video so that the banner and text in the lower left hand corner of the video is visible!

17) Choose a thumbnail and publish

Facebook provides white arrows on the left and right hand side of the image that allows you to cycle through different thumbnails for your cover video. The thumbnail is a image that Facebook uses as a placeholder until the video loads.

YOU ARE DONE! 👍 Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back! 👏

So after you have made your own Facebook cover video, we would love to see it and add it to our post! Please share a link to your page with us on our social channels or in the comments on this post.

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