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5 Ways to Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation

Let’s face it, PowerPoint presentations can be boring if you let them be. Your presentation can either make your audience daydream or linger on your every word. You want them to be on the edge of their seat, anxiously waiting for the next action-packed slide. 

Microsoft has made PowerPoints easy, giving the power to almost anyone to create a presentation. As a result, millions of people are using just a handful of Microsoft provided templates. Presentations can get pretty stale, unoriginal, and lackluster if you don’t do something to make it your own. The last thing you want to do is follow suit, and create a presentation the same as everyone else’s. You want yours to be the one that makes people say, “WOW!”   


Let’s look at 5 ways to make your PowerPoint presentations better!

  1. Integrate Video

There are several ways you can use video to make your presentation stand out. With the popularity of video sky rocketing, adding video to your PowerPoint presentations has become essential. You can insert video directly into a slide, or even embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo directly into your slides.  

Adding video in your presentation will: 

  • Increase engagement
  • Drive interaction 
  • Help your audience retain information
  • Highlight key points
  • Position you as a thought leader

Here is a video showing you how to put a video into Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Create a Custom Template

After you’ve spent hours, even days, into creating your presentation, the last thing you want is to present after someone and have the same PowerPoint template as they did, or have someone think, “Oh no, not this template AGAIN”. There is a pretty good chance this will happen if you use Microsoft’s default templates, considering there are less than 20 and millions of users are accessing them daily. Consider creating your own templates from scratch, or modifying existing templates to include your own colors and branding. If you have access to a graphic designer or Art Department, ask for a few custom templates to be created for your various presentation needs. This will make you look professional and also keep with company branding standards. 

Here is how you can create and save a PowerPoint template.

  1. Add Transitions Between Slides

Often an overlooked feature, you can easily set transitions to consistently happen between all of your slides. These transitions can help you ease from slide to slide throughout your presentation. Using the right transition can help you move your presentation along more smoothly than if you were to jump from slide to slide. Aim to use subtle transitions and avoid using too many of them. Most importantly, keep it consistent.  

Here is how you can add, change, and remove transitions between slides.

  1. Bring Your Presentation To Life With Some Animation 

PowerPoint animations can get out of hand pretty quickly, so you need to be careful not to go overboard with this one. When you use animations, you need to make sure you are being professional and using them to call out key points. You don’t want to animate every single word or image in your presentation and overwhelm your audience. Instead, use animations sparingly and only on a few topics that are very important in your presentation. Again, try to avoid  animations that are not so subtle and keep it consistent.  

Here are the animation basics for your presentation.

  1. Add A Video Intro and Outro 

Adding a video intro and/or outro to your PowerPoint presentation can go a long way in setting the tone and interest in your presentation. Intro’s and outro’s are great for establishing company branding, a series of presentations and topics, and for grabbing your audiences attention before you start talking. 

Here are a few ideas for an Intro and Outro to spruce up your presentation:  


Just like that, in 5 easy steps you can take your PowerPoint from ordinary to extraordinary!  

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