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In this free guide, you'll discover the best strategy and practices on video for social, helping you grow your audience experience or expensive video software required!

Plus, these methods will get you more leads, more traffic, and more sales.  After all, you like it when your marketing strategies succeed, right?

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  • Discover which types of video to share on social media for an expanded reach and social sharing.
  • How to curate content fresh and relevant without doing all the heavy lifting.
  • Easy ways to create videos from curated content to blow your competition out of the water.
  • How to distribute your videos to get them in front of the right audience.
  • The method of discussing your videos to give them a 'viral' effect.
  • Plus, so much more!

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Content and Social Media Marketer's Guide to Crush Social Media Video

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RendrFX video's and motion graphics has directly related to hundreds of more leads over the month. I don't know why I didn't start using them and their process sooner.

David Mckillop

RendrFX is truly an untapped resource for designers like myself. In my unique role in creating training videos and media, this has been an eye opening experience to not only showcase amazing design, but also cut down creation times significantly.

Brian Jarvis Learning and Development Specialist, United Bank

All of a sudden my thoughts, ideas, and messages I’m trying to get through to the consumers seem to come to life when I’m creating videos. Customers are reacting, and most importantly.. it’s catching the attention of prospective clients through the use of videos as advertising on social.

Greg D. Rogers Agency Owner, Link-Hellmuth Insurance

The amount of time your platform has already saved me from having to use After Effects™, Premier Pro™ or iMovie™ is amazing. The game in social is all about video now and your platform makes it incredibly easy & copyright protected too!

Kim Matlock CMO,

To be able to produce eye-catching motion graphic videos for promoting our events and programs that take only minutes to make and to do so inexpensively is getting people’s attention. Other departments on campus are wondering where we are getting the budget to do all of these great videos!

Mike Yeomans Marketing and Special Events Manager University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute