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Learn How-To Improve Your Presentations

Learn how to improve your PowerPoint Presentations (with video!) and grab the attention of your audience.

Learn how to embed videos into your PowerPoint Presentations in this easy to follow guide.

Adding Video To Your PowerPoint Will Enable You To:

  • Add Motion

    Adding motion to your presentation will catch the eye of your audience.

  • Increase Engagement

    Adding video and movement increases audience engagement and attention.

  • Drive Interaction

    An engaged audience interacts with you, asks questions, and retains more information.

  • Make Your Presentation Unique

    Video will help differentiate your presentations. Make video intros, outros, slideshows and more!

  • Retain Messages and Ideas

    Creating presentations that are interactive and exciting helps your audience retain more information.

  • Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

    Be among the first to break away from traditional static presentations. Add video and gain attention!

Start Creating Videos For PowerPoint

It's simple. Choose an artist created motion graphics template, add your photos, videos, and music (or select from our over half a million stock media graphics and music), and click to create! Viola!

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