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Video Ads Work!

With daily video views on social media rapidly increasing, video advertising offers a unique balance of promoting your brand and making an emotion connection. Video ads also create higher brand recognition, higher engagement, and higher conversion rates. Make some video ads and watch your numbers skyrocket!

Video Ads Increase Conversions

  • Add Motion

    Static ads are out and video ads are in!

  • Increase Engagement

    Adding video, movement, and sound to your ads increases audience engagement.

  • Drive Interaction

    Tell a story and worth sharing.

  • Be Like Big Brands

    Big brands are using video on Facebook and YouTube. Now you can too!

  • Retain Messages and Ideas

    Video ads help your audience retain more information from your promo.

  • Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

    Be among the first to break away from traditional ads. Add video and gain attention!

Start Creating Video Ads Today

Video ads convey a stronger message to your audience. When you only have a few seconds to gain someone's attention, how are you going to tell your story?

RendrFX provides you with affordable tools to create unlimited video ads to test, promote, and see what converts your audience. With hundreds of templates, over half a million stock media files, and royalty free stock audio, it couldn't be easier!

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